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  • ●     About Us:
  • The Company is located in Chinese Greencity Nanning,the capital of the Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region ,which the China-ASEAN Expo is held permanently. Our company is specialized in organizing various international professional exhibitions and conferences, international business investigation, booth design structure and related business activities.
  • Our company worked with famous exhibitions at home and abroad, we have jointly held many large-scale professional exhibitions in Vietnam, Kampuchea, Burma, Indonesia, Thailand and Guangxi. Involved in import and export trade, iron and steel metallurgy, advertising, beauty salons, electrical and mechanical hardware, automobile, coal, textile and leather garment machinery, information communication, environmental protection, chemical industry, agriculture and forestry, medical equipment and other industries.Show result is outstanding, has been applauded by all circles of the society.
  • Looking to the future,we all will pursue perfection and forge ahead,sincerely providing the most comprehensive information and the most perfect service for customers around the world.

    ADD:Floor 30, Unit 2, Jia Yinxiang Building, No.185, Changgang Road, Xingning District, Nanning, Guangxi,P.R. China
    TEL: +86- 771- 5384142  6776118  6773410